The Reverend Lucas M. Grubbs



Father Lucas Grubbs joyfully serves as the Priest-In-Charge of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ouray, Colorado. He comes to this parish having previously served parishes in Denver, Boise, and New Haven Connecticut. Fr. Lucas was educated at the University of Idaho (B.A. Spanish), Yale Divinity School (M.Div.) and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music (S.T.M.). During his years of study, Fr. Lucas lived and worked in Spain and England, establishing relationships with the Anglican Church beyond the United States.

Originally from Idaho, Fr. Lucas is an avid lover of the outdoors, especially taking advantage of the wonderful creation that surrounds Ouray and Southwest Colorado. He strongly believes in the importance of daily prayer in the life of the Christian, be that in church, with family and friends at home, in the mountains, or wherever God speaks to you.

Please feel free to contact Fr. Lucas (email address above) about life at St. John’s Ouray, the life of a Christian, and getting to know the wonderful parish community that calls this place home.

Vestry Members

Howie Peterson—Senior Warden

I am the Senior Warden for St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ouray, Colorado, and resident “biker”. I came into the Episcopal family in Montrose, Colorado when we moved here in 2007. My wife Penny had known the Priest at St. Paul’s from when Penny and he had both lived in Cortez, Colorado. I was drawn to the warm welcome extended by those in that Parish, and the openness to take us just as we were/are. Also, the tenants and beliefs of the Episcopal Church in general spoke to us of inclusion, and keeping the dignity of humanity regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation, etc. Penny and I both believe we are all brothers and sisters regardless of circumstance.

Having been at Sunday services in Ouray off and on while at St. Paul’s Penny and were drawn again to open fellowship expressed by those at St. John’s. Thus, we found ourselves doing morning service at St. John’s and evening service at St. Paul’s. When St. Paul’s was closed it was natural for us to meld into the St. John’s family in Ouray and make it our Spiritual home.

St. John’s has become more than a place of worship for us; it is our family, our spiritual refuge, and joy of service by growing into our place in this family. We have been more than welcomed, and we enjoy welcoming newcomers and visitors to the family here at St. John’s.

Reid Henry—Jr. Warden

Tom Hillhouse—Treasurer


Barbara Meckel

I was born in New York (my mother was visiting), lived in Washington during the War, and grew up in Billings, Montana. Went east to college (Bryn Mawr ’61) and graduate school (Johns Hopkins), where I met fellow geologist Larry. We were married in 1964 and moved to Houston. We lived there and in Denver, spending summers in Ouray from 1970 on. Our four sons (Trey, Bret, Tip, and Kit) and I came out the day school finished, and went back the day before it began, Larry joining us whenever he could. (Airfares were cheap back then!) In 1999 we began to live full time in Colorado.

I am a “cradle Episcopalian” and have been part of St John’s for years. We have had Christenings, weddings, and memorials at St John’s, and I expect to have my ashes interred here!

Lynn Kircher

Lynn Kircher

I grew up in the Hudson River Valley in the vicinity of the small village of Rhinebeck, New York where my parents ran a successful Aberdeen Angus cattle operation. My family was a member of the Church of the Messiah, a lovely Episcopal Church first built in the 1850’s.

After attending college where I studied sociology and anthropology, I spent some time in Australia on a cattle station as a governess for seven children. I attended church services on the station at a small Chapel which was part of the Church of England.

It was in 1971 that I moved to this area, purchasing a building across the street from City Hall in which I ran a small gift shop for several years. I began attending St. John’s soon after arriving and was married in the Church to my husband Kurt in 1975. On and off over the years I have been an active member. Since 1987 I have been an architectural designer of homes, mostly in this area.

My faith has always been my foundation but at this stage in life I am eager to learn more, to deepen my practice of faith and to worship with fellow Christians.

I would like for our St John’s family to spend time together meeting over meals, over reading of books, over sharing work tasks or playing together, over praying together. Meeting over developing a vision for St John’s and bringing it to life. We each are creatures of our own past and the lessons we have learned, and out of this we bring to the table a uniqueness, a gift. In meeting let us turn towards listening, focusing on other’s needs, seeing Christ in oneanother, and search for ways to use the gifts we have been given to serve the Lord in this place and in the world.


Amy Exstrum

Amy Wilson Exstrum first came to Ouray in 1970, as a child. She grew up in a combination of Ouray and Grand Junction. She graduated from Colorado State University and then taught Home Economics in Durango, Rifle, and Telluride.

Amy and her husband, Brian, were married in Ouray in 1989. Brian is a “Nebraska Boy” and they moved to “The Big Red” state in 1990, where Amy also taught school.

Brian and Amy have 24 year old twins, Olivia and Charlie. Olivia graduated from Northwestern University and is a journalist. Charlie has learning disabilities and lives with Amy and Brian. You can find Charlie all over town, volunteering in many capacities, including the Senior Citizen weekly lunch and at the library.

After Brian finished 40 years in the energy industry, they moved back to Ouray in 2019, bought Buckskin Booksellers, did a major remodel and reorganization, and then reopened as Ouray Bookshop.


Michael Underwood

Anyone who wants to know my full life history is welcome to ask and I will be forthcoming with details. Most importantly is my desire to assist the Parish in any way I can. My experience extends from bank boards to city council, 5 years on Montrose Association of Realtors. Fun details are that I have a healthy sense of humor. Just ask my wife. The funniest stories I know are on me and I’m not embarrassed to share.

Beth Paulson